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One Piece Episode 1054 Confirmed Release Date

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Regrettably, One Piece episode 1054 has encountered a delay in its release in Japan. This setback has caused disappointment among the franchise’s millions of followers, who regularly include it in their weekend entertainment plans.

One Piece Episode 1054

Last weekend, fans were disappointed to discover that both the original manga and anime adaptation would not be released, resulting in two Luffy-shaped holes in their schedules. Sadly, the anime will not resume this weekend, and the new release date for episode 1054 worldwide remains uncertain.

The reason for the delay in the One Piece anime’s release remains unknown. Fans worldwide can look forward to enjoying the new episode with great anticipation as soon as the broadcasters announce the new release date.

Why One Piece Episode 1054 Release Date Delayed?

The broadcasters have postponed the airing of One Piece episode 1054 in Japan, which unfortunately means that the anime’s international audience cannot enjoy the latest episode as anticipated this weekend.

The reason for the delay is the Tokyo and Nagoya marathons. The organizers have scheduled the Tokyo and Nagoya marathons to occupy the usual time slots for the popular anime series. Instead of relocating the show to another time slot, the broadcasters made the decision to defer the broadcast.

One Piece Episode 1054 Release Date and Time Confirmed

Thankfully, the One Piece Anime Twitter page has announced that they have rescheduled the release of episode 1054 for Sunday, March 19. Fans worldwide can now look forward to the latest episode.

For those interested in streaming the new episode. It will be available on Crunchyroll at specific international times, which are as follows:

  • Pacific Time – 6 PM (March 18)
  • Eastern Time – 9 PM (March 18)
  • British Time – 2 AM (March 19)
  • European Time – 3 AM (March 19)
  • India Time – 7:30 AM (March 19)
  • Philippine Time – 10 AM (March 19)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time – 1 PM (March 19)

According to reports, the forthcoming episode is titled ‘Death to Your Partner – Killer’s Deadly Gamble’.

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