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Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Potential Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and More

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We have gathered all the information available so far on Tokyo Revengers Season 3, including the release date, trailer, story, and other news.

Tokyo Revengers season 3 release date

Get ready for the thrilling third season of Tokyo Revengers! Follow the time-traveling adventures of Takemichi Hanagaki as he attempts to save his loved ones from a life of crime and violence. With new challenges and even more intense action, fans are in for a wild ride in Tokyo Revengers Season 3.

What is the Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

We cannot confirm the release date for Tokyo Revengers Season 3 yet. But we can make an educated guess based on the gap between previous seasons. The first season premiered in late 2021 and the second season in early 2023, with just over a year between the two.

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If the production team can maintain a similar schedule, we can expect the third season to arrive around mid-2024. However, it’s important to note that the show has not been officially renewed yet, but given its immense popularity, it is highly likely.

What is the Plot of Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

Spoilers Alert! In Tokyo Revengers’ next arc, Takemichi discovers that his friends are alive and well. But Mikey has formed a new gang called Bonten. Unable to travel to the past, Takemichi joins Brahman and gains the ability to see into the future. A power struggle between the Kanto Manji Gang, Brahman, and Rokuhara Tandai ensues, resulting in the Battle of the Three Deities. After reuniting with his friends, Takemichi and Mikey work together to create a peaceful timeline for eleven years.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers Seasons?

Disney Plus released Tokyo Revengers season 2 internationally, and viewers can anticipate that the second season will also be released on the same platform. Tokyo Revengers season 1 remains available for streaming on the anime service Crunchyroll.

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