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GOAL Rates Lionel Messi’s 2023 Season at Inter Miami

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GOAL’s Ryan Tolmich is set to embark on an insightful journey, evaluating the remarkable displays of Lionel Messi, a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, on the American soccer stage. With his headline-grabbing move from Paris Saint-Germain to Inter Miami officially sealed in July, the Argentine superstar wasted no time in making a significant impact. Undoubtedly the biggest star in MLS history, Messi’s arrival has ignited intense excitement, with all eyes fixated on him as he endeavors to uplift Inter Miami from the bottom of the table to become playoff contenders and, eventually, title challengers. Throughout Messi’s time in Miami, GOAL is committed to ensuring you won’t miss a single moment of his journey, as Ryan Tolmich casts his expert eye and offers evaluations of Messi’s performances in each outing with his ne

Aug 2: Inter Miami 3-1 Orlando City, Leagues Cup

Orlando City achieved what both Atlanta United and Cruz Azul could not: they managed to rough up Messi to some extent. It seemed like a viable strategy; if you can’t defeat him outright, disrupting his game might be your only chance.

Regrettably, for Orlando, their efforts were in vain. Messi still outperformed them regardless.

Despite enduring multiple harsh fouls, Messi impressively scored two goals, one in each half, securing the victory. The first goal was a brilliant volley, skillfully connecting with a beautiful cross from Robert Taylor. The second goal showcased Messi’s sheer brilliance once again, as he executed another incredible volley, this time from a delightful cross by Josef Martinez. It was a classic Messi performance, resulting in yet another triumph for Miami.

With these two goals, Messi’s tally reached five goals in three games, a mind-boggling stat even for the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Orlando attempted a different approach, but it barely slowed down the unstoppable force that Messi embodies. Once more, he left his opponents as victims on his path, continuing to terrorize all who stood in his way.

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Jul 25: Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United, Leagues Cup

After his spectacular debut, Messi managed to elevate his performance even further in Round 2. Making his first start for Inter Miami in their pink kit, he displayed absolute dominance in a commanding 4-0 victory against Atlanta United. Within the first 22 minutes, Messi netted the first two goals and assisted in the next two. Notably, Robert Taylor benefited greatly from Messi’s presence, looking like prime Luis Suarez during these early days.

This performance showcased Messi at his very best. He not only scored goals but also exhibited remarkable creativity, influencing the game not just through passing but also by drawing the attention and focus of every opposition player on the field.

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