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One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers, Release Info & Leaks

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Are you a dedicated One Piece fan? Don’t miss a beat with the latest updates on Chapter 1077 of the iconic manga series. This comprehensive guide will keep you up-to-date on all the One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers, leaks, and raw scans, as well as the official release date and time. Get ready to join Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates on their next thrilling adventure!


Stay Ahead of the Game with the Latest One Piece Chapter 1077 Updates! As a dedicated fan, don’t miss out on any information related to the highly anticipated manga series. In this article, discover the latest known and unknown spoilers, leaks, and release date information. Get a first look at raw scans and learn everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on Eiichiro Oda’s iconic series, One Piece.

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What is One Piece about?

Dive into the world of One Piece, a classic manga series created by Eiichiro Oda that follows the journey of a young man named Monkey D. Luffy. Possessing the power to stretch like rubber, Luffy sets out to become the Pirate King and is accompanied by a diverse group of companions as they face off against pirates, marine soldiers, and other obstacles while searching for the legendary treasure, “One Piece.” Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure full of action, humor, and character development that will stay with you!

Where to read chapter 1077 of One Piece?

Keep up with the latest One Piece chapters on official platforms like Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus. As soon as One Piece is released in Japan, you can read it in English and other supported languages. For the ultimate reading experience, we recommend using the Shonen Jump app, available on Android or iOS devices, or online. Support Eiichiro Oda and the One Piece team by reading official sources and avoiding unreliable, illegal websites.

Is One Piece On break this week?

The publishers of Weekly Shonen Jump have announced that One Piece 1077 will be on break this week. Be ready for the new chapter’s release as scheduled and stay updated with the latest news, as One Piece fans will have to wait for the next chapter to come out soon.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Release Date and Time

Mark your calendars for March 12th, 2023 at 12:00 AM JST! Chapter 1077 of One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, is set to drop as a regular feature in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump, released every Sunday. The title and number of pages for Chapter 1077 have not been disclosed yet. Stay updated on the latest adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.


Get an Early Look with Fan Scans

Can’t wait for the official release of Chapter 1077? Get an early look at fan scans, created by passionate fans who translate and scan the chapter before its official release. Look for fan scans on websites and forums like TCB Scans and Manga.Nerds for a sneak peek at the latest adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends. Fan scans are set to drop on March 9th, 2023.

Release time

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM on Sunday
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM on Sunday
  • British Time : 3 PM on Sunday
  • European Time: 4 PM on Sunday
  • India Time: 8:30 PM on Sunday
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM on Sunday
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: 1:30 AM on Sunday

One Piece 1077 Spoilers and Raw Scans, and Leaks


Stay updated on One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers by checking the official subreddit r/OnePiece and our website. Get the latest news on spoilers, leaks, and raw scans as soon as they become available. Be the first to know what’s next for Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates by staying informed on all the latest One Piece updates.

We will update this page with any new spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers as soon as they become available. For additional information on a Japanese manga, follow AnimeNewsHQ.

Spoilers are Out Now

  • Chapter 1,077 “You should have realized that sooner
  • On the cover Judge and Caesar realize that Vegapunk is their real obstacle.
  • Zoro realizes the Seraphims have abilities similar to King.
  • Lilith uses a bubble gun against S-Snake, but she escapes and turns Usopp into stone.
  • At the end of the chapter, someone shoots Shaka in the head and his head explodes.
  • No Break Next Week. Chapter 1077 Thursday (3/9). Chapter 1078 is coming on March 16th.

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