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Who is Mishel Gerzig? 5 Facts About Thibaut Courtois’ Real Madrid Star Wife

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Mishel Gerzig, an Israeli model, is the spouse of Real Madrid sensation Thibaut Courtois. Get the scoop on her right here!

Thibaut Courtois, the renowned footballer, guards the goal for Real Madrid and Belgium. The recent Ballon d’Or crowned him the finest goalkeeper. With a global fan following, Courtois shines on social media. Yet, his ultimate supporter remains his wife, Mishel Gerzig. They initially connected on Instagram in early 2021, and by that summer, they embarked on a romantic journey. The goalkeeper’s proposal came in June 2022, followed by their wedding a year after. Just the previous month, they embarked on their honeymoon to the enchanting South Pacific Island of Bora Bora.

Discover these 5 essential facts about Mishel Gerzig:-

Mishel Gerzig’s Background and Occupation

“Rooted in her Jewish heritage, Mishel Gerzig shares the traditional Kiddush blessing with Courtois every Shabbat. Born in Israel in 1997, Gerzig embarked on her modeling journey at 13. She is affiliated with NEXT Models Miami and ITM Models in Israel, showcasing her professional prowess.

Gerzig’s Military Service

As reported by The Times of Israel, Gerzig fulfilled her obligatory service in the Israel Defence Forces, as mandated in the country.

Reflecting on her military experience, she conveyed, “I had a profoundly meaningful IDF service. I served as a commander on a search and rescue ship in the Navy. It’s an immensely demanding role — both physically and mentally, requiring substantial responsibility and dedication. I felt a sense of fulfillment,” as per her statement to Menta, cited by Ynet.

Upon her Navy discharge, Gerzig deliberated on extending her service by a year. Eventually, she opted to resume her paused modeling career instead.

How did Thibaut and Gerzig’s relationship begin?

In August 2021, Courtois revealed their relationship on Instagram, sharing a photo of the duo seated together with a caption in Hebrew that expressed, “The love of my life.”

According to Gerzig’s account to Israeli lifestyle magazine La’Isha, their initial connection unfolded on Instagram, sparked by Courtois’ comments on a picture of Gerzig with her pet dog. “He began inquiring about Israel and the military,” she recounted. “During April, I had a series of assignments in Madrid, and that’s when we had our first face-to-face meeting. Our relationship took on a romantic turn in early July.

Mishel Gerzig and Courtois’s wedding

In the latter part of June 2023, the pair exchanged vows in a lavish event held at France’s Château de la Croix des Gardes. For her walk down the aisle, Gerzig graced a strapless wedding gown designed by May Mashiah, while Courtois opted for a three-piece blue suit from Dolce & Gabbana.

Shortly following their union, the newlyweds took to Instagram to share snapshots from their momentous day. The reception, attended by a multitude, featured live performances, an attire change by Gerzig, and a stunning fireworks display.

Gerzig Finds Acceptance with Courtois’ Children

Courtois is a father to a son and a daughter from a previous relationship. In an interview, Gerzig, the model, shared that she’s been embraced by Courtois’ children and described them as kind-hearted.

Furthermore, on her Instagram profile, Gerzig labels herself as a globetrotter, often sharing snapshots of herself from diverse destinations around the world.

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